Altek Solutions Is A Multi-Disciplinary Engineering Company That Is The Leading Provider

Of End-To-End Engineering Intelligence And Data Management Solutions.

With Proven Methodologies, Deep Expertise And Industry Specialization,

We Design Custom 4IR Solutions to Identify and Solve Our Customer’s problems

Altek Solutions is built on the foundations of trust, honour, respects and fortitude. Using our foundations we also promote innovative thinking, out of the box solutions and radical team building exercises which makes us the organisation of choice to most young professionals wishing to grow their skills in a digital age. We have the most diversely cultural team in the industry that oozes comradery and does whatever it takes to achieve the objective.

 Our depth of applications knowledge, embodied in our highly skilled, experienced and committed team truly sets us apart.  Deep domain expertise, combined with an extensive portfolio of technologies from leading vendors, enables us as one of the leading system integrator’s in the electrical industry to help your business exploit the growing potential from industrial digitization.

If you’re an early adopter of Industry 4.0, or have an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) project in mind,  we can develop solutions that deliver transformative change that enhances your business whilst increasing profitability.

Let Our Team of Experts Guide You To Your Path Of Digital Transformation