Our Engineering Consulting Services have been providing services for basic and detailed engineering projects, facilities and industries at optimized costs. Our aim is work with our clients to get their network working for them.

We have conducted numerous studies around Africa on new and existing electrical systems to enable our clients to build or expand their electrical systems and help them achieve improved efficacy, reliability, and safety as per regulation.

Our Analytical Services start by considering your current design environment, operating constraints, and design goals. Then, working closely with you, we identify the most effective ways to overcome any obstacles to your success. To analyze various design possibilities, we perform a full spectrum of power systems analysis.

Our consulting division has a multitude of experience, knowledge and design capabilities in order to provide you with the highest level services.

 Some of our services includes:

Conceptual Design

Feasibility Studies

System Modelling

Short Circuit

Arc Flash

Protective System Adequacy

Load Flow

Load Flow

Motor Acceleration

Cable Systems

Grounding System

DC Analysis


Transient Stability

Reliability & Availability Studies

Capacitor Placement

 System Optimization