In-house software that integrates oil analysis, PQM, QMS, vibration analysis, thermal imaging and host of other monitoring systems into a single platform in order to provide the end user with the relevant information on their assets. The system uses a host of algorithms, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) trends in order to provide not only one of the most state of the art monitoring system but also the most accurate early warning system available in the market right now.

Energy Usage

Monitor and analyze key parameters on critical assets. Monitoring devices can be used individually or combined for a diagnostic monitoring platform.

Online & Off-Line Oil Monitoring

Analyzers and diagnostic software for monitoring condition and operation of substation apparatus on real-time basis.

Fault Trip Indication

Real time SMS/Email on Fault Indication  installed in Ring Main Unit, Cable Distribution Box, Switch Cabinet.

Door Locking/Unlocking Status

Enable the electricity distribution network engineers to quickly identify the faulty section of network and restore power supplies to customers on healthy sections in the shortest time possible.

MV & ML Protection Status

 Offers real-time protection status against overloads which act at a threshold of between 110 and 150% of the rated current and preferably operate in a time dependent manner

Vibration Analysis

Identification of artificially induced mechanical faults, and it is also supported with vibration signal analysis

Data Analytics

Learning trends through use of Machine Learning(ML) and Artificial Intelligence(AI).

IOT Sensors

Industrial designed digital I/O to monitor sensors


Protective digital privacy measures that are applied to prevent unauthorized access to integrated systems.