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ETAP System

Real-Time power management system. Power management system software is the smart choice for both small and large electrical utility systems, generation plants, industrial sites, manufacturing facilities, and off-shore oil platforms.

Etap System


Software Designed To Trend Transformer Performance Over A Period Of Its Lifespan.

Using Genetic Markers, It Determines The Following:

·Incipient faults developing.

·Expected lifespan of the transformer.

·Identifies if the transformer is being overloaded.

·Identify if a transformer is being poorly maintained.


Inside View Insulating Oil Diagnostic Software seamlessly integrates with your IT infrastructure

and easily centralizes data collection and presents it in rapidly understood read-outs,

through tables, trends and Duval Triangle Analysis.



Integrates data from labs, online monitors and portable gas analyzers

Performs analyses and reports on extended DGA, oil quality and paper degradation...

Doble Products

Altek Solutions is channel partner of Doble Engineering Company which supports our clients in the electric power industry improve operations and optimize system performance.


Doble System